Personal Care & Assistance In Daily Living


Our caregivers are trained to assist seniors in bathing and showering – from providing assistance in getting in and out of the shower or bathtub, and, if needed, to assistance in soaping, scrubbing, rinsing, and towel drying.


Some seniors may be unable to dress up and groom themselves due to cognitive or physical limitations. Our caregivers can provide assistance in clothes selection and dressing-up. They will also assist in grooming, which includes hair brushing/combing, light make-up application, oral care, shaving, etc.

Toileting and Incontinent Care

Toileting and incontinent care is one of the most personal and sensitive matter for the elderly. Our caregivers can provide minimal or full assistance in this area while maintaining the elderly’s dignity. Our caregivers also provide full assistance with incontinent care, specially paying attention in keeping sensitive areas clean and dry.

Ambulation and Transfers

At times seniors may have difficulty with ambulation and transfers due to physical limitations, cognitive decline, debilitating illness or post-surgery condition. Our caregivers are well-trained to assist the elderly with transfers and mobility, such as assisting in the use of walkers, cane, or getting in and out of the wheelchair.

Light Meal Preparation and Feeding

Assistance with meals is often needed when seniors have limiting mental and physical conditions such as Alzheimer’s or recovering from surgery or an illness. Our caregivers can prepare light meals as needed and monitor food intake. Our caregivers are trained to feed clients or assist clients in feeding themselves.

Light House Keeping, Cleaning, and Laundry

A clean and organized home helps generate feelings of wellbeing and good health. Unfortunately, due to physical and mental conditions, it is not easy for many seniors to keep their houses clean and uncluttered. Our caregivers can help with light housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming and dusting; keeping kitchen countertops clean and disinfected; keeping bathrooms clean and disinfected; ensuring refrigerators and cupboards are free of expired or spoiled foods; etc. Our caregiver can also do light laundry, when needed, to help ensure our patients have clean, fresh clothes to wear.

Medication Reminder and Monitoring

Oftentimes, seniors may need to take medications for various diseases and conditions. In addition, many of them also take a variety of vitamins and supplements. Just keeping track of what medications and supplements to take and when to take them could be very frustrating for the elderly. Importantly, taking the wrong medication or the wrong dosage could be dangerous. Our caregivers are trained to remind our patients on what medications and supplements to take and when to take them.

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