Caregiver Arrangements


PART TIME CARE: (1-4 days per week and 3-4 hours per day)

For seniors who are still quite independent. They are still able to walk and use the restroom by themselves and only needs light assistance with bathing and dressing. They will need help with more difficult tasks such as housekeeping or cooking or meal preparation. They are only occasionally forgetful. They are no longer allowed to drive and they need help to go to their doctor’s appointments and to do groceries, shopping, etc.
An elderly couple sits in the park while a home health aide takes the man's blood pressure.

FULL TIME CARE: (5-7 days per week; 5-8 hours per day)

For seniors who are somewhat dependent. They have some trouble walking and using the restroom independently, need help with bathing and dressing, and forget important things such as turning off appliances or electronics, location of house or car keys, and medication schedules. These seniors are also unable to go to doctor’s appointments by themselves and need help with doing grocery, shopping, etc.
A home health aide helps an elderly man out of bed.

ROUND-THE-CLOCK CARE: (7 days per week; 24 hours per day)

For seniors who are physically incapacitated or bedridden, cannot use the restroom independently, cannot bathe or dress on his or her own, or is mentally incapacitated as in later stages of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. This type of patient is considered dependent and cannot be left alone by themselves. Depending to the condition of the patient, 24 hours of care can be provided by a live-in caregiver or by 2 caregivers with 12-hour shifts.

The above descriptions are used as guidelines only. Veritas will be able to tailor fit a care plan for whatever type of care will be needed by the patients.
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